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Whois Server Version 2.0

Domain names in the .com and .net domains can now be registered
with many different competing registrars. Go to
for detailed information.

Select a sub-topic for help; '?' (with no RETURN) for a list of options;
RETURN key to return to WHOIS.

WHOIS is used to look up records in the registry database.  Whois can provide
information about domains, nameservers, and registrars.

Enter a string to search the database.  By default, WHOIS performs a very
broad search, looking in all record types for matches to your query in 
these fields: domain name, nameserver name, nameserver IP address, and 
registrar names. Use keywords to narrow the search (for example, 'domain 

WHOIS displays the results in one of two ways: as a full, detailed
display one--line summaries for single/multiple matches.

Often, the search finds more records than just the one wanted.  Specify 
both type and full name to look up a specific record (for example, 

Specify only part of the search string to perform a "partial" search on domain.
Every domain STARTING with the string will be found.  A trailing dot (or dots) 
after your text or the PArtial keyword indicates a partial search.  For 
example, entering 'mack.' will find "Mack", "Mackall", "Mackay", and so on.

Refer to the section "KEYWORD overview" for a description of the different
types of keywords WHOIS takes.

WHOIS keywords fall into categories: those that specify the TYPE of 
records to search, those that modify the interpretation of the input or 
tell the type of output to produce, and those that are commands such as 

The following keywords restrict a search to a certain TYPE of field in the 

        Finds a domain record. Find out domain name, registrar name,
        whois server and URL, Nameserver name and IP Addresses, and updated
        date.  For example, "domain".

        Finds nameserver records. Find out nameserver name, registrar name,
        IP addresses, Whois Server name and URL.  For example, 
        'nameserver DNS.SPRINTLINK.COM' or 'nameserver'.

        Finds records for "registrar". Find out Registrar name, mail
        address, phone number and contact information. For example, 
        'registrar Network Solutions, Inc.'

These keywords control the display of search results:

    EXPand or '='
            Always expand the long display for a single match to 
            include all the subdisplays.

    '~'     Never show subdisplays.  This is the opposite of '=' or EXPand.

    FUll or '='
            Gives long display for every matching record.

    SUMmary Always show a summary line for each match, even if there is 
            only one.

The following record types have these summary:

    Record type             Summary
    -------------------     -----------------------------
    domain                  domain name    
    nameserver              nameserver name 
    registrar               registrar name and whois server

a summary of the matching record is shown and the subdisplay follows 
directly after.

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